Why People Buy a Steering Wheel Covers?

Steering Control & Safety

Many steering wheels become unsafe after long-time usage. Steering wheel covers are an ideal solution as they provide you with an added grip and better control over the wheel at all times. Additionally, the covers help prevent damages caused by severe heat or other typical wear.


Most covers have an extra soft padding or memory foam that makes the wheel comfy during those long road trips. Some covers even come with thumb pads and finger grips, which are great features in reducing fatigue.

For Aesthetics

Covers can help hide an already worn steering wheel and make the inside of your car more appealing. A new cover will complement the upholstery in your car and give your vehicle’s interior a new look. For example nothing adds to a classic car like a high quality natural wood cover or if you have a race car why not some authentic leather. You will be pleasantly surprised how much a simple change to your steering wheel will add to your car.



Types Of Steering Wheel Cover

Many manufacturers make the covers from artificial leather as opposed to natural given that it’s a more economical product (lower cost) and very similar to the qualities of natural leather. Leather is a great material for a cover since it’s easy clean. Some less costly alternatives are rubber, timber, towel, and also artificial mesh.


Natural leather covers are highly resistant and durable to weather corrosion. They are also breathable and provide a sturdy grip. However not every factor of leather covers are positive, for example there are limited color options and they tend to be a lot more expensive as well.

Synthetic Covers

Artificial covers consist of microfiber artificial leather and also PU leather. They have very similar qualities to natural leather, but they do not have the same life span. Synthetic covers are available in a variety of colors and are the best for adding a touch of elegance to your car.


Another common material choice for steering wheel covers is artificial fleece or synthetic wool. They are perfect for those that would love to heat up their steering wheels throughout the winter season. They are also available in a range of colors. Just be sure that if you choose a plush cover that it still has a good grip so that you can maintain control over your wheel.


Wood covers are very appealing if you are looking for a more sophisticated for you car, these look especially great in classic cars. One downside is that they have a tendency to discolor with regular direct exposure to the sunlight. They are typically made as custom-made fits; they are not as flexible as various other cover choices.


Rubber covers are not as sturdy as synthetic or natural leather covers, yet they do supply a tight and good fit to your wheel. On top of that, the majority of rubber covers are immune to nearly all-weather conditions.

Here are some Top Brands


Valleycomfy is a market leader in steering covers. It’s a manufacturer of auto parts and also devices such as vehicle GPS Systems, tire covers, and also much more. Valleycomfy’s products keep on top of the latest style trends, and have some of coolest designs in our list!


Rueesh is an online-based distributor of synthetic leather steering wheel covers. One of its top-rated steering wheel covers is the Rueesh Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover which you can purchase below!


SEG Direct is another online-based designer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-quality artifical steering wheel covers. One of SEG Direct’s luxury steering wheel covers is the SEG Direct Microfiber Steering Wheel Cover which you can find below.


FH Group is a international producer and supplier of seat covers, flooring mats and guiding wheel covers. It has over 10 years of experience in the vehicle market with its very successful wheel cover being the FH Group FH2006.

Things to Consider Before Buying

The Price:

Under $20:

This is the ideal price point if you are seeking a boost to your grip on the wheel or if you wish to safeguard your hands from the severe cold weather. The majority of covers in this category are made from fabric, rubber. You can also find artificial leather at this price, which is the most recommended material.

Over $20

When spending over 20 USD you should expect high-quality materials such as natural leather and wood. These materials are more resilient and cold-resistant. Most products in this category deserve the additional dollars as they are from premium brand names adding an additional level of class to your car. The higher quality materials will last as a lot longer as well so you could easily argue that they will save you money in the future.


You need to ensure that you get the right cover size for your vehicle. Otherwise, you may end up with a cover that slips off and doesn’t provide any grip. Make sure you measure the diamater and girth of your steering wheel prior to buying and remember that it is better to have a cover too tight rather than too big! You can take a read of our FAQ section to learn more about how to attach your wheel cover and a couple of tricks on how to get the right fit!

Does it have an Internal Rubber Layer?:

Go for a cover with an internal layer of rubber; it avoids the wheel from moving when you are driving. The rubber additionally lowers slippage between the cover and wheel. Rubber is one of the best internal layers you can have as it is a cheaper material, which will mean a lower cost for the cover. But it will not cheapen the athstetic of your car because the external layer will be a better quality material such as leather.


Light-colored covers prevent overheating from the sunlight and also protect your hands from being sweltered by the heat. Darker colors absorb warmth and are beneficial in colder areas. Go for a color that complements your vehicle’s interior. This website has an entire list of matching colors that will help you find the best fit for your car!

Is it machine Washable?

Your cover’s material will establish exactly how you clean it. A lot of fabric wheel covers are machine-washable. Genuine and synthetic natural leather just require a simple wipe or mild laundry with natural leather cleaner.

Is it made of Heat Resistant Material?

If the cover has an inner rubber lining, make sure not to melt the rubber or overheat it in the sun, a full car cover might prevent this if you live in a warmer climate.

Do steering wheel covers ruin your steering wheel?

No, steering wheel covers will not cause any damage to your wheel. This is because these covers do not use any adhesive or another potentially corrosive agent to connect with your wheel and are simply stretch over it. This makes it easy to remove and replace thus preventing any damage. 

Do steering wheel covers cause cancer?

You might have seen a scary warning sign and on a steering wheel cover warning you of potential cancer risks and wondered what it was all about. This because certain research centers have discovered that these covers contain lead and other chemicals known to cause cancer. This doesn’t mean that you are at serious risk of cancer by using the cover but that there is a potential risk there that you should be aware of. 

If you are worried about the cancer warnings on some steering wheel covers, don’t worry there are plenty of options out there for you that don’t contain these chemicals out there. 

How do you secure a steering wheel cover?
  1. Before connecting your steering wheel cover wipe down your wheel with isopropyl alcohol. This will prevent any bumps of dirt or dust under your cover once it is attached.
  2. Once your car’s wheel has been cleaned you can remove the cover from it’s packaging. A lot of covers will come with a sheet of cardboard in the center of the cover, this too needs to be removed as it is only designed to keep it in place when not in use.
  3. Steering wheel covers are notoriously difficult to apply and are known to be absolutely infuriating. The Covers are designed this way in order to be tightly fitted on your wheel, if this wasn’t the case then the cover could slip while you are driving and potentially cause an accident. The best way to overcome this issue is too use a hair dryer to warm it up prior to application. The heat from the hairdryer will softer the leather or rubber enough that it will be quite easy to apply and then when it cools it will harden again, creating a tight fit. Be careful not to overheat it as it could melt or never regain it’s shape again.
  4. Now it’s time to fit your cover. Make sure your steering wheel is in its centered position and stretch the cover so that it is fited over the top of the wheel. Next gently pull the cover on both it’s left and right side so that the seams are aligned with the sides of your steering wheel. Now while pulling the cover downwards and move your hands along the cover towards the bottom. Once the sides are covered fully, with one hand pull the bottom center of the cover over the wheel.
What do you do if your steering wheel cover is too big?

It is very important for safety reasons that your cover is not loose on your steering wheel. If you were really desperate you could cut away a length of the cover and then rejoin the sides. We really wouldn’t recommend doing this though as it a hazard and it’s much safer, as well as easier to buy another cover or replace the one you have.

What do you do if your steering wheel cover is too small?

If your steering wheel cover is slightly too small try heating it slightly with a hairdryer to warm up its edges. This should soften it just enough so that it will be a tight fit around your wheel.

Are steering wheel covers universal?

No, just like the way that different cars have different size steering wheels covers vary in size and dimensions. You should measure the diameter of your steering wheel with a measuring tape or ruler prior to purchase.

Are steering wheel covers dangerous?

The only way a steering wheel cover could be considered dangerous would be if it was old or worn. A steering Cover in good condition will actually provide you with an extra level of safety as you will have a better grip on the wheel.

What are rhinestone steering wheel covers and are they safe?

Rhinestone steering wheel covers is a cover which has had fake gemstone attached usually with glue or another type of adhesive. This glamorous accessory to your car might be tempting, but many road safety authorities that the cheap materials that are commonly used in making this product can be dangerous. At the very least they won’t be worth the money you spend as they will fall apart quite quickly.

Why are steering wheel covers so hard to put on?

Steering wheel covers are designed to be tight around the surface area of the wheel to prevent them slipping when you are driving. You might even think that it is the wrong size, but provided that you measured your wheel before hand it is likely the right one it just needs a little heat to get it in place.

How do I know my steering wheel cover size?

As mentioned the guide above a simple measuring tape or ruler is all that you need to get the right size cover. Measure the diameter of the wheels rim. You should also measure the girth of your steering wheel as some wheels have a thicker girth and therefore some thinner covers won’t be able to wrap around it.

When should I replace my steering wheel Cover?

As soon as your steering wheel cover begins to appear worn, discolored or has tears it should be replaced. These covers are pretty inexpensive so you might as well replace them to keep the asethtics of your car as well as maintain and sturdy grip and control over your steering.

What is the best way to clean a steering wheel cover?

It is always good practice to clean your cover as this will prolong it’s lifespan. The best thing you can clean your cover with is a isopropyl alchol. Other cleaning solutions will work fine also just be sure that the solution is appropriate and non corrosive to whatever the material of your cover is made out of. For example if your cover is made out of leather be sure not to use vinegar as this will eat away and fade the leather.

Should I buy a steering wheel cover with LEDS?

There a lot of steering wheel cover types available and you might have seen some of the ones that light up. We are not really a fan of these LED options as they are battery powered and you need to constantly change out the batteries. It can also be quite a distraction when you are driving or could even distract another car passing by.

Are the fluffy covers any good?

No, the fluffy steering wheels covers are by the worst posible choice out there. They provide no grip whatsoever and tend to wear a lot quicker too. The best materials are leather and artificial leather. They are much more durable and allow for a strong grip.


How much does a steering wheel cover usually cost?

The cost of a cover varies based on the type of material you choose. The most expensive covers are made of wood which are custom cut for your model of car. These covers are best suited to classic or vintage car. These wooden covers can cost more than 25 dollars. After that the genuine leather covers cost around 15 dollars and you can expect to pay 10 dollars for other materials.

We did are best to answer any possible questions you could have about steering covers, but did we miss something? If you have any extra questions simply leave a comment and we will do our best to answer! If you are currently upgrading your car we have plenty of other awesome accessories to make your car that much better! Why not have a mini-fridge in your car for example?