How to find the best Car Navigation System.

Yes, of course, you could use your cellphone for navigating, but you are probably using it for a whole lot of other tasks, and making sure that is charged all the time and that you always have data makes the best and simpler alternative is making use of a dedicated navigation system.

You probably already know that the absolute best-navigating devices are kept upgraded and have a lot of useful extra features, like which streets to use the traffic that you want to avoid, and much more. You’ll prefer a version that has screen dimensions large enough so that you don’t need to squint at the screen, but not so big that you can’t see the roadway ahead of you. A car navigation unit that uses vocal demands is more secure than taking your eyes as well as your hands off of the wheel whilst steering.

The best car navigation system is an intricate gadget, and there are numerous important features out there to ensure you get the best deal and the best option for your next adventure. We wanted to make things as simple as possible for you, so we have broken down what you need to look out for into different categories:

  • Program and controls
  • Maps as well as adventure preparation
  • Visitor traffic, rate cams, and additionally a variety of other relevant information
  • Communications and simplicity of use
  • Cost

Program and controls:


The most popular dimensions for a navigation LCD are 5″, 6″, and likewise 7″. Nonetheless, styles as little as 3.5″ exist however they are not readily offered due to their lack of popularity. The question is are screen measurements really that important?

We have done our research and have discovered that most people with standard eyesight find a 5″ screen very comfortably, however, this opinion usually adjusts if the unit is set up in a larger truck or Recreational vehicle. This is because in lorries the navigation tends to be further from the driver’s eyes compared to a smaller-sized car. This makes a 6″ or 7″ model be the best option, especially if you are a qualified trucker.

That being said, a 7″ monitor in a smaller-sized vehicle could impede the view from your windscreen!

Image Clarity

Screen quality depends greatly on the dimension of the LCD, nonetheless, the resolution is another factor that you need to take into account. Older Navigation systems tend to have a smaller screen resolution at typically around 480 x 272 pixels, while the more modern GPS systems have a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels or even more. This pixel density will make a sizable difference and is a factor you should most defiantly take note of when making your purchase.

Some car owners complain that the sun obscures the view on some of their Navigation displays as the screen is not bright enough. Improving the angle of your system most often remedies this issue. However, some of the best GPS systems have taken it a step further and actually include an adjustable monitor contrast system for a far more practical solution to this issue.

Touch Screen Capabilities:

Touch screens have become an almost expected feature of GPS systems for cars, and additionally, some concepts now offer a pinch-to-zoom attribute to allow for better readability of the map for those that have poorer eyesight. Although touch screen capabilities are a useful asset when your car is stationary, whilst driving taking your hands off the wheel will most likely result in an accident. This is why you should look out for a navigation device that allows for vocal commands as this is far more safe and secure than the touch screen.

Here are some Great Voice Activated Devices

Map Designs make a difference

Map designs and styles vary from one navigation device to another and can really make an impact on the experience of your travels. One helpful quality is additional lane insight when coming close to an off-ramp or interchange. 3D technology is likewise being even more extensively utilized, using a lot more realistic scenery of spots in addition to encompassing structures making it easier to stay on the right track.

Journey planning is also just as essential as the design of the maps, having an easy to use and planner is a substantial perk. Additionally, the refinement of journey planning options has been dramatically improving with the rise of technology. For instance, with older navigation devices you were obligated to take advantage of motorways; Nowadays you can choose your own route, maybe you would like to go the scenic route or avoid that overly expensive toll road that saves you barely any time at all.

Another premium feature to look out for is the ability to just tap the chart to choose a location, as opposed to entering an entire postal code. When you wish for directions to a specific location yet you do not know the exact coordinates of where you would like to go, it’s particularly valuable and simple just to tap and go.



POIs (Points of Interests) are nothing brand-new in navigating bodies. POI relevance varies from one device to another, however, this function is extremely helpful especially when are just about to run out of gasoline and don’t particularly want to hitch your way home.

Each manufacturer declares their POI efficiency as the best and latest technology and always as far superior to that of their competitors, but genuinely there are only little bits of difference between them. One of the handiest features is real-time traffic information. It is a splendid attribute to possess, enabling you to remain clear of those major hold-ups or significant obstructions that will ruin your day.

It is important to know that a ton of these qualities are only accessible by the use of connecting your navigating system to your mobile device. It’s not challenging to do with the use of Bluetooth, however, at this stage, you might as well be using your cell phone in the first place.

How GPS devices are making the road safer:

Suppliers are consistently incorporating brand-new sorts of details into their browsing units. You may be advised of a pointy bend only a few kilometers/miles ahead, a school area, a tricky speed camera, even speed bumps.

Some companies are taking it a step further providing their customers with climate info or even an alert that you have been driving for at the same time lengthy and that you should take a rest to ensure your safety. It is not unheard of for some devices to let you know that you are too close to the Kerbside.


We have already explained to you that the option of voice management is a feature to be desired. Whether discovering your area or even navigating your way to the local area coffee residence, voice control allows you to preserve both hands on the tire and also may improve safety. This feature isn’t completely optimized yet, but as you probably already know modern technology is enhancing quickly.

Driving instructions from the browser body are also being simplified. Developers are attempting to make the suggestions appear more conversational. For example, the system might reveal it could suggest stopping at an identifiable structure. Older variations usually tend to use a “complying with left, adhering to the right” style of directions.

Cost of the Greatest Navigation System:

Firstly we would like to urge you not to buy GPS devices under $50. We are nearly certain that any GPS System at this point will lack relevant information and your selections and options will be severely limited. Some of these systems don’t even update at all rendering the device totally useless.

On the other side, of the price spectrum is the ‘top shelf’ devices at around $350, this may seem a little over top however for that rate you obtain some of the most crucial tools that you need and a lot of the time even includes lifetime upgrades. These models are effectively worth the economic expenditure, especially if you have a tendency to visit obscure and out-of-the-way places.

Once you have your brand new Navigation system you might one to add even more cool gadgets such as a mini-fridge!


Here are some of our Favorite Navigatiations System for 70 Dollars or More

Here are some of our Favorite Navigatiations System for 300 Dollars or More

Is Car Navigation Important?

Whether or not a car Navigation System is important or not is purely based on your own opinion. As we have listed in our guide above there are plenty of benefits to having a dedicated GPS System in your vehicle, such as not needing to worry about your mobile being charged or having data. Car Navigation systems are more reliable and stable and you won’t be able to get forget like you would with your mobile.

Is Navigation in Cars Free?

No, a Car Navigation system will never be free. Even after you pay for the hardware itself it is very likely that you will need to pay a monthly subscription to keep your software updated. This is why it is very important that you check what software the hardware is using to determine the best quality service and reliable tool for those long road trips.

Does Car Navigation Need Internet?

Older navigation systems required continuous internet in order to function. Thankfully, the modern Navigation systems already have the maps you need and are preloaded onto the device itself. This means that you do not need to worry about having a costly data plan on top of your subscription fee. This would be another added benefit to having a dedicated system inside your car rather than using your mobile device. As your mobile will require you to have a mobile data plan in order to navigate.

If you do decide to buy a navigation system make sure to do your research and find one with the latest software. These devices will be more expensive however having an updated system means that you will not have to replace the device after a few years thus saving you money in the future.  

Is there any Car Navigation with no monthly fees?

Yes, there are some navigation or Gps systems out there for Cars that won’t have any monthly subscription however we would not recommend using them due to the fact that they tend not to be updated and will be unusable after only a couple of years of use. If you do opt for a free GPS System it is very likely that you will not get those cool features we mentioned in our guide above such as Traffic updates, Speed camera alerts, or road works notifications. We think that all of these extras for just a small monthly fee make it totally worth it!

How do I Install a Car Navigation System?

Installing a car navigation system is incredibly simple and doesn’t require any serious DIY skills.

  1. Simply remove your navigation system from the box. There will be a few parts in your kit, the Navigation system itself, adapter cords, and amount.
  2. Find a location on your dashboard which will not obstruct your view on the road(for your own safety). Then connect your navigation system to your GPS Mount.
  3. Once the system is attached to your mount, you might need to slightly dampen the suction cups on the bottom of the device in order to create a strong and secure connection between the mount and your vehicle’s dashboard.
  4. If you have a cigarette lighter in your car, remove the plug and connect your 12V adapter to it. You should now be able to successfully turn it on.
  5. Now that your device is installed you will need to do a basic software setup before you can get out on the road. This should not take very long, it is just to let your navigation system know the correct date, time, and home address. 
  6. You should now familiarize yourself with the manual that came with your device so that you can perform tasks such as how to get directions and most importantly how to set up automatic updates.
Why are modern GPS Systems More Expensive?

Modern GPS systems are more expensive because of the extra functionalities that aren’t available on the older devices. One of these valuable functions is that the newer devices do not require a data connection, this is because they have the maps pre-saved on them. This means that you do not need to worry if you are in a remote area that does not have a good mobile signal. 

The more modern GPS systems are also a lot more reliable in terms of accuracy. If you are considering whether you should buy an Older device be aware that a lot of the older systems are no longer supported with updates. Because of this, we would always recommend spending an extra few dollars on a system with the latest technology!

Is my mobile GPS more Accurate Than my Car’s?

Dedicated Car Navigation Systems use satellites to monitor your location making them a lot more reliable in more remote areas, which let’s face it, is where you are most likely to get lost in the first place

Can my car Navigation be tracked?

Navigation Systems are receivers and not transmitters of data. What this means is that it is very unlikely that someone would be able to track your location remotely with the use of your navigation system, although this depends on the software you are using. 

Some Car Navigation Systems have software that would allow you to track the location of your vehicle in the event that it is stolen. Check your GPS Manual to find out if this feature is included. If it has this functionality then someone would be able to track you provided they have the login details for your system. You should make sure that you change the default password to reduce the risk of this happening.

Is a CAR GPS System the same as Car Navigation?

You might be wondering if a car GPS system is the same as a car navigation system. There are some notable differences between the two.

A navigation system is designed to allow a user to receive directions based on their current location in order to get from a to b. A GPS system on the other hand is designed for tracking remotely i.e away from your car. In other words, a navigation system is inside your car and you use it inside your car to know your location. A GPS system is inside your car but is designed for you to know where your car is when you are not inside of it. For example, if you were at home and someone has borrowed your car you would be able to track it with GPS.