Looking to upgrade your car?

At NavigationPros we have done a lot of research into the best Car Accessories and reviews.  There are actually a variety of extra mods for your car, that will from improving your steering control to flashy RGB lights that will impress your friend. Here are several methods to tailor-customize your car that is best suited for any budget from cheap to premium.

Best Car Accessories


Air Fresheners

No one desires to step into a car that reeks of mold or musk so an air freshener is almost a necessity.


Steering Covers

If your steering wheel is a little bit boring why not cover it up? A leather cover will also take the coldness off that tire in the winter months!


Car Fridge

Make your car the coolest(pun intended) by installing a mini-fridge. If you are a trucker or someone who just spends a huge amount of time on the road a refrigerator is actually a terrific idea. Maintain those treats, snacks or keep those non-alcoholic beverages while on a long trip!


Navigation Systems

Car floor coverings are actually a fantastic method to offer your car some individuality and to simply customize it.

We love everything about Car Mods and Upgrades. Simply put we love, turning something old and boring into something that feels brand new!

The Best DIY Guides


What To Do When Your Car Won’t Start

There is plenty of reasons why your car won’t start in this guide we breakdown the main causes of and solutions to you car failing to start.


How To Stop Squeaky Windshields

It can be incredibly frustrating to be stuck in traffic and having to listen to loud and squeaky windshields, in this guide we explain the most simple and cheapest ways to fix this issue.


How To Repair A Tire With Ease

Having a tire replaced can be quite costly, but maybe there is a simpler way, in this guide we will should the simplest way to repair a tire DIY style.


What To Do When Your Car Radio Has No Sound

So you have turned on your radio to be greeted with Radio Silence, this guide will show you exactly how to fix your Radio with just a few simple steps.


How To Get Rid Of Radio Static

Is there unwanted noise radiating through your radio, maybe a humming, engine, or static noise? Don’t worry this guide will show the simplest fixes to your problem!


How To Wrap Your Car

So you want to protect your car’s paint or maybe add some extra aesthetic to your vehicle’s body? Car Wraps are a great way of getting the job done, but there are so many decisions to be made! Don’t worry this guide will provide you with all the information you need!

Does Upgrading a Car Add Value?

A common question people often ask themselves before modifying their car is will increase the value? Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this. It is very similar to performing DIY in your home. If you revamped your home with an awful coating to the walls or hideous design it wouldn’t increase in value but done correctly of course it could. So if you modify your car with an inappropriate technique, you may have a hard time selling it at a standard market rate.

How much Does it Cost to Upgrade a Car?

Well, that depends on what and how much you would like to change– specific customizations are actually extra costly than others. Including brand new car floor coverings is actually going to be actually less costly than tweaking your motor for improved functionality.


You’ll additionally require to look at installment expenses too– unless you’re trained sufficiently to perform it on your own.

What is the best way to Upgrade My Car Performance?

We get asked this question a lot. There is no real simple answer to this sort of car upgrade. Some of the best ways would be, to upgrade your suspension, the tires and upgrading your exhaust.

Should I Repair My Car Myself?

A lot of our guides can help you repair your car DIY style but it is important to remember that some of our more advanced guides should be carried out by professionals only. For example, our guides that include electrical work should be only be performed by electricians. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read our guide though, as being able to talk to your mechanic in technical terms may save you from being ripped off!.